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Carbon spar with glass sandwich shell, ailerons are carbon sandwich, deflection 25° up/down, mass balanced.

Horizontal stabilizer:
Carbon sandwich structure, mass balanced, deflection 25°-30° up/down.

Vertical stabilizer:
Carbon sandwich structure, mass balanced, deflection 30° left/right.

Steel tube (1.7734 or alt. SAE 4130), sides and bottom fabric covered, cowling, fairings and upper fuselage cover/turtledeck made of glass/carbon sandwich.

Landing gear:
Main gear aluminum spring from Groveaircraft (www.groveaircraft.com), incl. accessories like wheels, brakes and master cylinders. Tailwheel from Ravenaircraft (www.ravenaircraft.com), a common part for Pitts Specials.


O-200 with EFS-3A Ellison carb (www.ellison-fluid-systems.com) inverted oil system, (Christen type - from Ravenaircraft or Aircraft Spruce e.g.) - the engine has NO electric starter, because the starters don´t like pressurized oil at the seals, which is inevitable during inverted flight with this backplate mount - but you save a lot of weight, and the O-200 is ok for hand-starting. Another advantage is - you get the best oil pickup position on the upper backside of the crankcase.

The intake features ram air (a little more complicated than for injected engines due to carb heat) and a K&N air filter (RU-1790) mounted directly on the Ellison carb - so even in the "carb heat" position the air is filtered

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