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Sunday, 05 July 2009 17:02

The biggest problems in my opinion for aerobatic pilots in Germany (or even elsewhere...?) are the immense costs - about 200000 - 300000 Euros for a new aircraft, running costs of 600 - 1000 Euros per hour, up to 70000 Euros for an aerobatic glider with about 30 Euros per tow launch (for 3 minutes of glider aerobatics - that is 600 Euros per hour, too!) - and on the other hand the engine noise of both - the aerobatic aircraft AND the towplanes.

The first problem is one cause for the very low number of aerobatic pilots, the second problem is one cause for the poor acceptance in (at least the German) public. Sure - nobody will look up at an airshow, if there is no powerful roar in the sky - but what about the training days?

It is much more complicated to get a low-noise aerobatic trainer aircraft for practicing over very noise-sensitive areas (and MOST areas in Germany are noise-sensitive!) than to remove the silencer before your airshow program...

So - there is my motivation for this project - is it possible to combine sufficient performance for intermediate (or eventually even advanced?) programs with a low noise emission (target: 60 dB) and low costs (target: 100-200 Euros/hour)?

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