The Project Idea

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Sunday, 05 July 2009 17:01

Two gentlemen answered the question above with YES: Barry Smith, PFA, with his unique "Acro Advanced" (see also and Dan Rihn, EAA, with the "One Design" aircraft DR-107 and DR-109 (see also - so I´m not the first to see these problems....

Unfortunately, Barry Smith doesn`t sell plans, and the DR-107 needs an IO-360 engine - it was originally designed for an O-320 with a fixed pitch prop - but I don´t know anyone who flies competitions with this "keep-it-simple"-equipment...

So I wanted to use 100 hp up to max. 150 hp (O-200 up to O-320), a fixed pitch prop, a low-wing configuration for best cockpit visibility - and there I was - starting my own project, the ACRO 100.

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Welcome to the Acro100 Project - an idea of having an affordable, homebuilt training aircraft for aerobatics.